Tattoo Ticket

Tattoo Ticket

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I love seeing tattoos of my illustrations— and if you would like to show support of my work and support me as an artist, this a smashin way to do it!

This listing is for a digital TATTOO TICKET. There is no physical ticket or shipped ticket. Purchasing this listing gives you permission to use one of my existing illustrations a tattoo, and supports me to continue creating art!

(**Excludes commissioned pieces which I have clearly stated on my Instagram. If you are unsure, please feel free to contact me with any questions).

The majority of my art can be found on my Instagram:

After purchasing this ticket, you will be able to download a printable "PDF form" to show to your tattoo artist. This ticket specifies that I have given you permission to tattoo one of my existing illustrations. Many tattoo artists may ask for approval from the artist when tattooing another artist's work, this ticket serves as a written approval.

This is NOT a listing for a CUSTOM DESIGN. The 'tattoo ticket' is a way to show support for my work if you would like to use exisiting artwork as a tattoo, or as inspiration for an adaptation for tattoo.

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