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My journey as an artist began at a young age. Having grown up with the creative influence of my grandmother, a master watercolorist,  I have always been enchanted by the yearning desire to create. My childhood was characterized by endless craft projects — from sculpting to tempera-painting, jewelry-making to sewing, crochet to charcoal drawing, I would lose myself in bringing to life the artistic worlds of my imagination. It is through these early memories, that I have come to realize that art has always been an inextricable part of me, it is just who I am.

Despite my love for art, I chose to devote my college years to collegiate tennis and pursue a degree in global health. My growing interest in the power of language and the range of diverse cultural perspectives on how to live a meaningful life, kindled my desire to travel. By the end of my senior year, I was afforded a unique opportunity to serve as a Fulbright Scholar in Brazil for the entirety of 2016. During my fellowship as an English Teaching Assistant, I became enchanted by the vibrancy of indigenous textiles, ancient wisdom of Amazonian lineages, and the amalgamation of diversity in Brazil. After returning from my life abroad and having focused my energy outside of the realm of art (such as public health and eco-service projects), I felt a deep inclination to reunite with my proclivity to create.

While my travels have had a great impact on the content of my work, it would be remiss not to include the vital role that my brother’s recovery from traumatic brain injury has influenced my decision to pursue art full-time. In 2011, my twin brother suffered a traumatic brain injury that completely shifted my reality. As his caregiver through his arduous recovery process, I have become increasingly aware of the fragility of life and the true importance of empowering others with the gift of sheer creation itself. This carries over in my work as I aim to spread joy and empathy through my art and awaken others to the beauty of our humble existence.

in loving service,