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Earth Song


Earth Song


𝇉 Earth Song 𝇉

Song — what a powerful expression of beauty. We all know the feeling of being deeply moved by sound, how music can serve as a portal into another realm, a transcendent feeling that defies the limitations of language.

This piece is inspired by whistling vessels of the Andean curanderos in sound healing and harmonization. It is this music, for me — the beloved bird-like serenades of the quena and antara, that serves as powerful medicine for my spirit.

May you attune your heart instrument to the rhythms of the earth. And may you find the courage today to “sing your unsung song— the one in your heart you were meant here to sing.” (Poranguí).

giclée print fine art 300 gsm paper
matte finished, textured surface
8x10 in.

⊹ please allow 8-10 business days for production ⊹