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Thread of Hope


Thread of Hope


There is an ancient myth that tells of a special, hidden cave high up in the mountains. And in this cave, there lives an old woman who has been weaving the most beautiful of garments to have ever existed. She'd been weaving it for a very long time, adorning the elegant weaving with porcupine quills, which she must sharpen with her teeth, so much so that she has worn her teeth to mere nubs. Yet, still she weaves, and weaves, and weaves.

As she approaches the fringe of the weaving, she must abandon her garment to stir a great cauldron at the back of the cave. It is important that she stirs it, for the cauldron contains all the seeds of all the plants and all the trees of the world. And if she fails to stir it, the seeds will burn and cease to sprout new life.

As she shuffles to the back of the cave, lurking in the shadows lies a black dog— the dog of chaos waiting to sunder her precious creation. The black dog pulls on the loose thread at the fringes and the garment begins to unravel, until there is nothing left of her weaving. When the old woman returns, she sees the destruction strewn before her, the disentanglement of threads, her once orderly garment of beauty now reduced to a heap of chaos. And she stops for a moment and sits down. And after a bit, she picks up a loose thread. Suddenly, a new vision appears before her — a new design more beautiful than the one she had been weaving prior, a new, exquisite garment waiting to be brought into existence. And she begins to weave, and weave, and weave. (This story is adapted from an ancient Apache and indigenous myth as told by mythologist, Michael Meade, in his book, Why the World Doesn’t End).

giclée print fine art 300 gsm paper
matte finished, textured surface
8x8 in. and 12x12 in.

⊹ please allow 8-10 business days for production ⊹